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"Popped Out. "

- Ang9r


The AWP is a powerful and iconic sniper rifle in Counter Blox, wielded by both the Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists.

In game, the AWP is the highest damaging weapon in the game, able to instantly kill an enemy anywhere above the legs, armored or not. It fires from a 10-round magazine, with 30 rounds in reserve.

However, the weapon's high price and many drawbacks such as the movement speed, reload speed, and rate of fire, mean that the AWP will require users to train to utilize and master it.


The AWP, or "Arctic Warfare Police", is one part of a family of sniper rifles dubbed the "Arctic Warfare" series, manufactured by the U.K.'s Accuracy International. The in-game weapon, the Arctic Warfare Police, is a sniper rifle meant for law enforcement. It is commonly chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO, although the in-game version could also be chambered for the .338 Lapua Magnum caliber, a trait copied over from the game Counter Blox is parodying.


  • As the AWP is capable of instantly killing an enemy anywhere above the legs, players are advised to aim for the chest whenever possible, due to its large size relative to the head or arms.
  • Players are advised to not fire at any of their target's legs, as it will not kill their target in one-shot.
  • It is often best to stand while firing the AWP; players that move and shoot their weapon will find themselves unable to hit their target, due to the incredibly decreased accuracy.


- Even though is a one shot kill, but if you miss a shot you have to take cover because is a bolt-action sniper.

- This is a good weapon for long range, but at close range is harder to hit someone at close. Unless you are able quickscope or noscope.