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The PX4 (AKA. P2000 or P2K), is a Italian starting pistol (or it can be bought for 200$ if you have another secondary) that deals 35 damage in Counter Blox, it used by Counter-Terrorists. It can instant kill on the head or 2 shots if they have helmet, 4 shots on the body or 5 if they have kevler. Despite similar to Glock-18 but it has an impressive damage and more accurate to the head, but it does have higher recoil and much slower firerate. Also the downside of PX4 is that it has very low ammo only 12 rounds and 24 in reserve so watch out the ammo. It use 9mm


The Beretta Px4 Storm is a semi-automatic pistol manufactured by Beretta of Italy and intended for personal defense and law enforcement use. The Px4 uses the same short-recoil, rotating barrel action as the Beretta 8000 and uses the same trigger and safety system as the Beretta 92, while being completely different in design from either.

Light-weight polymer construction with steel inserts, a modular trigger group, fully enclosing slide, Picatinny rail, and changeable backstrap options for the grip are a radical departure from previous Beretta designs.


- Headshot is a must because it take 2 shots to kill the opponent with a helmet.

- This gun is only for eco if you don't have any money in later rounds.

- If the terrorists have AK-47 or other primary, must use it in close-range.

- The playstyle is tapshooting.


- Very low ammo

- Not a very gun for rushing.

- Low armor pentration.

- Bad for later rounds.


Scout Stats
Hitboxes No Armor Armor
Head 140 70
Body 43 22
Legs 26 26
Which one does =>100 damage = Instant kill