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The Scout (or SSG 08) is a Austrian weapon in Counter Blox that deals 70 damage with a price of 1700$. It can instantly kill a person in the head even they have helmets or non-armored of all ranges and 2 shots in the body with kevler. But the true power of this weapon is speed, it speed is as same as P90 or UMP45 and It has an ability called "Jump Scout" means you can jump and shoot like the MP9. Noscopes are very accurate. The scoped-in accuracy of jumping is as same as stand-still accuracy of AK-47. It uses 7.62mm.


In 1998, Steyr–Mannlicher of Austria began series production of the Steyr Scout, which is also known as the Mannlicher Scout. Jeff Cooper spent many years of reflection and working with Steyr before they began production built to the specifications developed. A heavy-caliber version is chambered for the proprietary.


- Since it's speed isn't affect by scoped-in. You should run like a speed-demon and hide in some boxes or strafing for corner shots.

- Even though you miss some shots, but it's less karma than AWP due to the speed.

- Recommanded to timed and "Jump Scout".

- Should noscope in close-range because of the accuracy.

- Go for ecos

- Finish off with Grenades or Secondary like (Tec-9, P250, Desert Eagle,...).


- Very bad for engaging.

- Not enough power for armored to counter 2 people and up. Even though they're far.

- Slow firerate.

- A bit slow reload.


Scout Stats
Hitboxes No Armor Armor
Head 352 250+
Body 110 70+
Legs 66 66
Which one does =>100 damage = Instant kill